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Welcome to the Rutgers division of the international TAMID Group.

The Five Elements of TAMID

Experiential learning through business in Israel.

With unprecedented pacing in the world of technology comes a need to engage in business in new ways. Join us in developing solutions for fast-moving ventures and in meeting new challenges from experienced investors and entrepreneurs. We offer initiatives to engage in Israeli business and a strong network to aid in future development.


TAMID is a comprehensive business and technology group that uses Israel as an economic lens to consult leading companies on the forefront of innovation.

The best professional development opportunity at Rutgers University.

Education Overview

During their first semester, students participate in an interactive educational program that integrates business leadership principles with Israel’s economic landscape. In education, members choose to focus on either consulting or investing, and gain experience in that area.


Following a semester in Education, members then join Consulting teams or the Investment Fund.

TAMID Consulting

Members may join student consulting teams, advising Israeli companies. Consulting analysts work in teams led by student project managers (PM’s). Teams work with CEOs of Israeli companies to understand the companies' strengths and weaknesses, and then pitch solutions.


Students also make great connections with top industry leaders.


Consulting projects are in market analysis, market research, business development, marketing, computer science, graphic design, data analytics...


Some companies that TAMID has worked with:


TAMID Investment Fund

Members may join teams to conduct equity research & manage a stock portfolio. Analysts work in teams to determine a stock’s value and build a portfolio. They research potential companies for investment by assessing financial and qualitative data.


Each TAMID chapter pitches companies to the National Fund, working with Investment Funds at other chapters, to manage a national portfolio.


TAMID has relationships with dozens of venture capital firms, accelerators, and incubators in Israel. Here are just a few:


TAMID Fellowship

Each summer, members have the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Israel on our almost all-expense-paid capstone Fellowship, including an internship in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and a variety of programming to develop new skills and to experience the culture and land of Israel.



Host companies include startups, large corporations, financial firms, venture capital firms, and accelerators.


Some past companies include:



TAMID members continue to engage after graduation through mentorship programs, networking, social events, conferences and involvement with chapters.


These connections, mentorships, and shared experiences provide member with an even larger network and greater job opportunities.


TAMID now has a database with all these contacts to further help members make these connections.

Josh Degen


Sarah Pomeranz


Jonathan Brauner

Director of Education

Amit Kukreja

Director of Consulting

Sarah Edery

Director of Membership

Mateo Juliani

Director of Investing

Ari Mendelow

Director of Technologies

Dina Fleyshmakher

Director of Marketing

Andrew Kushnir

Director of Capital Management

TAMID is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy.

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